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Tagging and Tracking Custom Events and the Customer Journey

January 25, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

MnSearch’s next event will be held on Wednesday, January 25th at Spyder Trap in Minneapolis, MN. Join us for an evening packed with insightful material from two excellent speakers, opportunities for networking, good food and drinks!

Presentation #1

Tag Management Will Set You Free

Speaker: Josh Lauer, Leadpages

If you’ve worked on any digital marketing projects before, you’re probably aware that it’s not always easy to get developers to implement tracking pixels and custom tags for marketing purposes. Using a tag management system, you can track almost anything on a website without the need for a developer. No more waiting for the next code deploy to get that Facebook pixel deployed.

This session will provide some common tag manager use cases to get you thinking about just how much you can do with a tag management system.

Custom Event Tracking without developers!

t3rd Party Pixels
tPhone Calls
tEmail Links
tDownloads (pdfs, doc, csv, etc.)
tNavigation (Main, Utility, Footer, and Mobile)

Joshua Lauer is a Marketing and SEO Analyst at Leadpages, where he empowers the rest of the marketing team with data backed insights. Before working at Leadpages, Joshua worked at Ackmann & Dickenson as a Digital Marketing Analyst for businesses, big and small, in a variety of industries both local and global.

Presentation #2

Connecting the Dots – Analytics & the Customer Journey

Speaker: Alex Andrews, Ovative/group

Understanding how your new and existing customers engage with your brand is critical, and while there are many tools out there that claim to solve the measurement problems that exist in the digital world, the truth is usually somewhere between the lines. However, by taking targeted and pragmatic steps toward improving visibility, both before and after conversion, insights can be gained to drive your business forward.

This session will focus on how to:

tTake targeted and pragmatic steps to incrementally improve your visibility; don’t be convinced that your toolset is doing anything for you that you haven’t confirmed
tAlign the right goal to the right channel; an often overlooked, but critical step in making sure your marketing mix is operating effectively
tUnderstand downstream events; while understanding all digital touch-points in a path is important (the attribution problem), life doesn’t end after that first conversion

Alex Andrews is a Solution Architect at Ovative/group, focusing on building marketing data platforms that advance the analytical and decision making power of their clients. Prior to Ovative/group, Alex worked at Target Corp. supporting and building out their big data platform.